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The New ZNA30

by admin on April 11, 2014, no comments

If you haven’t checked it out yet – you need to see the new ZNA30 variable wattage/variable voltage mod. This amazing device is designed and built by Zen over at house of hybrids. He’s been building his own mods for years, but the ZNA30 introduces a radical shift in the world of regulated mods.

So what is a regulated mod? Well it means there’s a chipset and you have buttons to control things like voltage and wattage. When you’re vaping, this allows you to dial in just the right setting to control the warmth of the vapor you want to produce.

The ZNA30 is based on the DNA30 chipset which means the device will deliver regulated power up to 30 watts. This is amazing. Its a first in the area of regulated mods and it has more power than anything offered to date.

The other amazing thing about the ZNA30 is the design. Its inspired largely by 1930′s Art Deco so its got a really cool look. It reminds me of something right out of the movie Metropolis. Also worth noting is that Zen makes his own custom metal finishes so the devices look like nothing else on the market. They are extremely unique and beautiful.

So if you haven’t seen them yet – head over to House of Hybrids and check them out. They’re hard to get a hold of at the moment, but if you can be patient for a few months, they should be in steady production.