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Flawless Tugboat RDA

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I got some vape mail finally the other day that I’ve been waiting for for a long time now. I have several mods here that I’ve been waiting on – I got a Nemesis clone finally as well as a Panzer!!! But what I’m most excited about are the 2 RDA’s that I ordered a while back.

The first one I’m building is the Tugboat RDA from Flawless. I really wanted a Tugboat when they came out but coudln’t afford it. I was using my Aspire BDC at the time and hadn’t really gotten into rebuildable atomizer’s yet. I’m actually glad I waited though because the new version 2.0 is way better. They’ve added a deeper ejuice well as well as air flow control!

I decided to pull the trigger mainly after checking out the Tugboat RDA review that made me drooling in the first place. I finally decided to pull the trigger and make the investment.

I’m going to be building this this afternoon. I’ll post the results as soon as I get this bad boy going!

Practically everybody I know who uses an electronic cigarette, either uses them exclusively or smokes 60%-90% less. (Disclaimer: e-cigarettes usually are not a stop smoking device)

The biggest difference between an e-cigarette as well as an ordinary cig is the fact that a standard cigarette has a distinct burned tobacco flavor and “success” that smokers connect with all the satisfaction of smoking. It fills the lungs is hot, burns the throat, and feels good upon exhale.

Electronic cigarettes, on the flip side, have a cool and clean hit that’s not hard on the lungs and is designed to satisfy your nicotine cravings, not your cravings for smoking.

By the way – I bought my latest vape package here:

It may take a few different types of e-cigarettes and lots of different e-juice flavors, but once you find your preferred e-cig and e-juice, you’ve a high probability of kissing your cigs goodbye!

I was told by myself’s how e-cigarettes helped him stop and about them, and he’s attempted repeatedly to quit smoking to. Therefore I decided to try one and see if it had been worth it.

It felt clean and refreshing, but myself didn’t think it was going to work. Myself set out to get the best electronic cigarette. It was well worth every penny in the end although it took some cash, effort, and some time.

I continued to smoke for a couple weeks although I wanted to, but used my electronic cigarette after I found it convenient.

I wanted my partner and buddies to try electronic cigarettes after I changed to them. I discovered all them interested but skeptical. The cheap disposable electronic cigarettes had tried but failed to discover the satisfaction they were seeking.

After having a couple of months, I got tired of hearing my wife cough. It was beginning to frighten me and her, and so I made my sister in law a wager and her.

In 10 days, I did not get any of my money back! They continue using their e-cigarette to today.
There are ways and many motives to stop smoking. Many people use hypnosis, patches, gum, drugs, and some stop smoking cold turkey. There are lots of great ways to stop smoking and that I recommend that you try as many approaches as possible that will help you quit. E cigarettes simply offer an option to smoking and will not be a stop smoking merchandise.

I had attempted to quit smoking many times. I tried going the pill, the patch, the gum, hypnosis, cold turkey, and also a light kind of shock therapy utilizing a rubber-band on my wrist. I could not stop. I did not have the willpower to quit using them, although I hated cigarettes. I felt despondent and poor. But when electronic cigarettes were located by me, everything changed.

I cannot smoke cigarettes. I can’t stand the odor of a cig. I will smell front of me if the driver in it is smoking. I am able to smell cigarettes everywhere. I am able to smell lots of things since I switched to e-cigarettes. I smell the java each morning and food!!!

Once in a while I’ll catch a cigarette from a friend and attempt to smoke it. I can’t get more than 3 drags before I pan it. It is gross, and I despise them. A test like that always finished with me smoking again, before I started using cigarette. Now, it makes me glad and ill I’ve an e-cigarette.

The New ZNA30

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If you haven’t checked it out yet – you need to see the new ZNA30 variable wattage/variable voltage mod. This amazing device is designed and built by Zen over at house of hybrids. He’s been building his own mods for years, but the ZNA30 introduces a radical shift in the world of regulated mods.

So what is a regulated mod? Well it means there’s a chipset and you have buttons to control things like voltage and wattage. When you’re vaping, this allows you to dial in just the right setting to control the warmth of the vapor you want to produce.

The ZNA30 is based on the DNA30 chipset which means the device will deliver regulated power up to 30 watts. This is amazing. Its a first in the area of regulated mods and it has more power than anything offered to date.

The other amazing thing about the ZNA30 is the design. Its inspired largely by 1930’s Art Deco so its got a really cool look. It reminds me of something right out of the movie Metropolis. Also worth noting is that Zen makes his own custom metal finishes so the devices look like nothing else on the market. They are extremely unique and beautiful.

So if you haven’t seen them yet – head over to House of Hybrids and check them out. They’re hard to get a hold of at the moment, but if you can be patient for a few months, they should be in steady production.